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Cirrus Gallery is pleased to announce The Picture I Carry in My Head, a group exhibition organized by Terri Phillips, a graduate of CalArts and current artist with Acuna Hansen Gallery. Comprised of a diverse group of artists and including a disparate use of media, The Picture I Carry in My Head proposed the title phrase as a working outline for the artists to respond to for their addition to the exhibition.

Terri Philips addresses the impetus for the show in this statement:

“I was once asked by a friend to recall the three strongest visual moments I had experienced in my life. I told him one was watching Ma Rainey’s face as she sang when I was an underage teenager and had snuck into a blues club in downtown Memphis . He corrected me and told me that Ma Rainey had died in 1939, so it was impossible that it was she I was remembering. Nevertheless, the beauty and agony in the face of that unknown singer is burned into my mind. There are many pictures I carry in my head. They are a combination of memory, lightning and intensity. And I may have jumbled them up so they are nothing like anything I have ever really seen. They are now my own pictures. I have asked a group of artists to respond to, ‘The Picture I Carry in My Head‘, with a single piece of work.”

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