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Cirrus is pleased to present the first Los Angeles solo exhibition by the artist Susan Logoreci. Logoreci’s work allows the viewer to “experience urbanity as a unified whole” through the aerial perspective of tour guide maps and G.P.S. coordinates of the American City. Susan’s intricate pencil drawings are both detailed and yet seem out of range, generating a sense of a the flattened landscape in the same vein as traditional California Landscape painters such as Wayne Thiebaud. The gesture is a playful comprehension of the overwhelming macrocosm of Los Angeles. The “elements of crooked perspective and unmeasured lines provide animation to the normally static” reality, while “simultaneously depicting urbanity as a flawed and sprawling endeavor out of balance.” Through the use of a technologically omnipotent view, Susan re-positions, re-plots, and re-engenders the coordinates as “urbanity’s proud accomplice and watchful critic.”


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