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Cirrus is pleased to present Pathways, the first Los Angeles showing of a new series of intaglio prints by Ross Bleckner. Ross a painter who emerged as part of the New York East Village art scene in the 1980’s was painting abstract canvases relating more to Op art of the 60’s and the effects of pulsing shimmering light, when the times were about expressionist figuration, i.e. Eric Fischl, David Salle, Jullian Schnabel, and Francesco Clemente to name a few. In this series of prints mostly aquatints and etchings Ross continues to explore his involvement with light as a process of life and phenomenon in the universe. Some of the works suggest constellations or magnified cosmos, the power of light, and its transient movement through time. Equally the Aids epidemic of the 80’s effected Ross’ work and instead of stars the images can reference cell like structures that can mutate from something beautiful to treacherous, revealing the fragility of man’s existence in the universe.

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