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Cirrus is pleased to present Painting by Letters, a group show , curated by artist and critic Eve Wood. Eve has brought together a group of artists whose artistic practice is intertwined with a fascination and sometime obsession with text. This exhibition focuses on the anomalous artist/writer. Each of the artists included in this exhibition mediate a keenly visual sensibility with a literary or linguistic interest, demonstrating the duality of theory thought process as both random and concrete. The show will explore questions such as “What constitutes a random narrative, and where does it go and why?”

Words do not necessarily dictate meaning. We ascribe meaning to them, and in many cases the tension between language and intentions is subverted through language. Is fluency in one’s own language an indication of the flexibility of perception and feeling? Language is often inadequate and bound by description and literal meaning, as well as the inherent presumption that works are some how enough. Language itself is re-contextualized through purely visual language. The artists try not so much to conjoin the two, as understand the points of mediation where text and image inform one another.


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