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Cirrus is pleased to present Journeys II, a series of new paintings by Russian artist Dimitri Kozyrev. In this new body of work, Kozyrev continues his exploration into the plaintive and irrepressible landscape, investigating through a superb use of perspective, the relationship between time, space, and distance, and how these elements, when combined work to create a strange dimensionality. Working within the framework of constructivist art practice, Kozyrev utilizes the same spare, stark, and often disorienting techniques that marked the constructivist’s best work. Shapes and colors are mutable, and Kozyrev’s implied habitats are derived from photographs he has taken on road trips, and then scaled down to a series of detailed and highly nuanced landscapes which capture the salient details of a specific place and time. Charged through with intense psychological content, Kozyrev’s paintings operate by implication and suggestion rather than literalized narrative.


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