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Cirrus Gallery is pleased to present All Human Actions, a group exhibition curated by Dawn Kasper, featuring new work by Lucy Indiana Dodd, Mimi Lauter, and Dawn Kasper.

Human actions occupy a place in each of us and their presence often indicates an accompanying influential cause. For the purposes of this exhibition, all human actions are viewed as a creative result or effect stemming from, but not necessarily linear to, Aristotle’s “seven causes.”

Although the artists from this exhibit draw heavily from personal history, their collective work often blurs any distinction between art and life. In a fast-paced society in which commodity and commerce predominate, these artists question their surroundings, drawing upon history in order to create a visual rendering of the here and now.

Action, and the role it plays in the careers of these three artists, is a theme of this exhibit. The works from these women weave through the possible Aristotelian causes of action – compulsion, habit, reason, passion, chance, nature and desire – combining material logic and personal interests in a poetic search for connection.

Dawn Kasper’s Clues to the Meaning of Life: Clusters are based on the seemingly random formations of star and galaxy clusters, utilizing conceptual drawings, collage, sculptural elements, and found material.

Mimi Lauter uses visceral, lush pastels to document both past life experiences and contemporary interests. Describing her new body of work, Red Velvet, the artist states, “I make work about time, gravity, being a woman, and death because these are the things that control my life. Abstraction in drawing and form in a given piece are my way of controlling these forces.”

Lucy Indiana Dodd uses colorful fabric and found materials to structure the poetic force of action-oriented self-discovery.

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