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Lita Albuquerque 'Liquid Light' at the Venice Biennale

bardoLA is honored to present Liquid Light, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist Lita Albuquerque, and bardoLA’s third official Collateral Event at the International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. Selected by the curator of Biennale Arte 2022 Cecilia Alemani, the Collateral Events are an integral section of the Exhibition. Biennale Arte 2022 opens to the public on April 23, 2022 and is on view through November 27, 2022.  Preview days of the Exhibition are April 20, 21 and 22, 2022.  

Curated by Elizabeta Betinski and Neville Wakefield, Albuquerque’s Liquid Light is a multidimensional experience that features the world premiere of Albuquerque’s new film by the same name, exhibited in harmony with the artist’s signature installation gestures that have earned her a celebrated place in the Light and Space and Land Art movements, both nationally and abroad. Albuquerque is one of the rare artists and humanists who are responsible for thoughtfully and imaginatively placing the elemental concepts for a living, functional cosmology for 21st century culture within public consciousness.

A hybridized landscape where ancient myths and future fictions co-mingle and act upon the body to transform the realm of the possible is the subject of Liquid Light, the second film in a trilogy. The female astronaut of Albuquerque’s film transmits an otherworldly knowledge across the planes of the celestial and terrestrial. Hers is a subjectivity constituted in the space between the outer reaches of the imagination and the emotionally submerged land she discovers on Earth. 

Mirroring the threshold state in which humanity finds itself today, Albuquerque’s heroine is likewise caught between light and darkness, unable to avoid a metamorphosis triggered by her initial failure to communicate the poetics of Cosmic harmony to Earth’s inhabitants. An amalgam of iconography, biography, and emotional landscapes that embody a deeply personal mythology, Albuquerque’s film is exhibited as a multi-screen installation, inviting the viewer into the heroine’s journey.

Filmed on location in Bolivia by David McFarland with costumes by Jillian Oliver and edited in Los Angeles by Nicole McDonald, the film features choreography and dance by Jasmine Albuquerque, and is exhibited in concert with installation components created locally in collaboration with Venetians, from glass blowers and artisans, to beekeepers and farmers. By sourcing materials locally in Venice and the region of Veneto, Albuquerque and bardoLA intend to be a part of the solution to the issue of a considerable carbon footprint created in the name of exhibiting art. This exhibition aims to support the local community in their efforts to preserve their ancient crafts while building a sustainable future.

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