Art World Astrology

by T. Cuevas


MARCH 2017

With three major planets (and one minor) in sensitive, emotional Pisces this month, we get all the water energy we need to calm things down a bit.

Pisces energy connects us to our true spiritual nature. It’s about forgiveness and union. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces dissolves the ego and symbolizes the desire to merge with something greater. It reminds us to focus on what we have in common rather than what separates us, because it sees much further than the physical.

Pisces is also associated with charity and compassion, it’s the sign most associated with caring for the vulnerable and oppressed. Piscean energy reminds us of our true compassionate nature and our ability to put egoic interests aside.

Aside from its sensitivity, Pisces – with its connection to the mystical and guided by intuition– is as creative as they come. Big Piscean energy like the one right now brings up collective inspiration, creativity and imagination. It’s a matter of tuning into it and going with the flow.

ARIES march 21 - april 20

There are big ideas brewing in the subconscious of Aries artists, ideas that can take them to new ground creatively but also provide healing of old emotional wounds. Although your natural inclination is to take immediate action, this month calls for some reflection and introspection. You will need silence and rest to access your best ideas. You might feel a little indecisive, which is not a comfortable state for any Aries to be in. Accept it and go with the flow, your intuition will let you know the path in no uncertain terms. Collectors and gallerists can accomplish huge projects, especially if started around the 6th. The end of the month gives you opportunities for some inspired action, things will flow without much of an effort, especially around the 27th.

TAURUS april 21 - may 20

This month is a good one for Taurus artists to focus on finding a sense of belonging in the world, to find the “tribe” of people who accept them for who they are. Take the lead in groups involving causes you’re passionate about, this is a time when you can find satisfaction in working for the common good. Friend relationships become a priority, seeking out peers and mentors will be extremely rewarding. Your salesmanship, presentation skills, and charm are at an all-time high, especially around the 18th. For collectors and gallerists, this month is a perfect time to dream up opportunities for your future, don’t talk yourself out of the big dreams that had been brewing for a while. Inspiration comes easily all month, you just need to take the first step and let it happen.

GEMINI may 21- june 20

Gemini artists need to be ready to take inspired action in their career paths. You can feel divinely or intuitively guided to the next step so, even if it doesn’t seem logical, follow your gut where it leads. Alternative healing practices might pay off now. Watch for unnecessarily pessimistic thinking around the 12th, you might just be thinking yourself into circles. Talk out your fears with trusted ones and see whether they’re realistic or not. This is a great time to work with charities and non-profits. Collectors and gallerists can have breakthrough marketing ideas and innovative ways to make themselves leaders in the marketplace. Embrace technology – take classes if you need to - and uniqueness. Great days for business deals between the 27th and 31st.

CANCER june 21- july 20

Cancer artists might be feeling restless this month, wanting bigger challenges and more out of life and their work. Take the opportunity to expand your mind and social circle in significant ways – traveling, taking classes in new media or even foreign languages. Make time to read about new things, different cultures, religions or philosophies and integrate into your work. Your tastes and beliefs could go through a rather dramatic change. Collectors and gallerists can look abroad, travel if possible and re-do their marketing materials when necessary. This is overall a great time for promotion and for connecting with new talent. The full moon on the 12th might seem overwhelming with the amount of busywork coming your way. The new moon on the 27th is perfect for starting new projects involving big projects that can increase your visibility.

LEO july 21- august 20

There is a surge of inspiration and emotion for Leo artists. This is a great time for transformation by facing the fears you’d been running from and letting them go. The deep emotion you tap into and a renewed sense of confidence can enrich you and your work in significant ways. You will be especially sensitive to outside influences, be mindful about who you give your time with and don’t be dragged into other people’s emotional turmoil. Working with deep, complex subjects that you might have been shying away from would be greatly rewarding. This is a good time for collectors and gallerists to ask for loans, pay off debt or work on their taxes. Seek accounting help if you don’t have it. Profits and sales could go up around the 25th, make yourself available to the public.

VIRGO august 21 - september 20

This is a great time for Virgo artists to establish, nurture and enjoy relationships and working in collaboration. Your intellect can take you to positions of leadership and projects involving research can be very fruitful now, you can find all the help and leads you need. Working with non-profits or behind the scenes could be very rewarding as well. The full moon in your own sign on the 12th makes you a lot more emotional than usual, keep a cool head and take a breath before reacting. It will also bring a big creative surge you would do well to take advantage of. Collectors and gallerists see their business and responsibilities multiplying, don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. Follow the trail of unusual ideas you might have around the 26th, they can lead you to great things.

LIBRA september 21 - october 20

This month could be hugely productive for Libra artists. Tackle the detail-oriented projects, research, and writing now, inspiration is high and words come easily. Take the opportunity to restructure the building blocks of what makes your life work and aim to approach your work with love, you could find joy in many of the little things if you do them mindfully. A peaceful environment will be essential to you and your state of mind. Try to create a space that really works for you. Collectors and gallerists should do just that – work on your space, on the rooms where you do most of your work, seek help organizing if you can and really make it into a sanctuary. Salesmanship and speaking skills are at a peak around the 18th. Inspiration is high all month, especially on the 25th.


SCORPIO october 21 - november 20

Scorpio artists overflow with creativity and inspiration this month. Make sure to incorporate what really brings you joy into your life and don’t fill your days with meaningless distractions. Leave some empty spaces in your day and let inspiration fill them. You can express yourself persuasively and imaginatively, use opportunities for public speaking and performances. Even more than usual, you could see straight into the heart of others and have a clear grasp of their motivation. What you say has special power right now so choose your words wisely. Collectors and gallerists can be excellent negotiators right now, make sure to keep ego out of your decision-making however and follow your inner guidance. Great business days between the 7th and 10th. Inspiration is especially high with the full moon of the 12th.

SAGITTARIUS november 21 - december 20

Sagittarian artists get a burst of energy that will help them break free from the past. If there are loads that you’re still carrying and are weighing you down, this is the time to let them go. Take a careful look at your possessions, your home, your work space and see what you can do without and what really brings you a sense of joy and inspiration. Keep only what you absolutely love. You’ll have opportunities to heal old wounds and reconnect with family or with friends who feel like family. Find inspiration by digging into family history or historical periods that interest you. Collectors and gallerists can plan for expansion. It’s a great time to host events especially involving conversation and idea-provoking pieces. Great days for deals around the 24th. Inspiration is especially high the first week of the month.

CAPRICORN december 21 - january 20

Capricorn artists get a boost in energy, perseverance and ambition this month. If pessimistic thoughts interfere, remind yourself that you’ve been here before and succeeded. Sculpture and ceramics would be very rewarding now, as would writing. It’s an excellent time to tackle long-form fiction. You need big projects and big challenges to keep your energy up, it won’t let your mind fall into old pessimistic patterns. Remember to not do it all on your own either, seek help when you need to, it’s available if you ask. Collectors and gallerists should use the first week of the month to start the big projects and keep your center if conflicts arise around the full moon of the 12th. Look at the big picture and keep your eye on your priorities. Inspiration is especially high around the 14th.

AQUARIUS january 21 - february 20

It’s an excellent time for Aquarian artists to get their financial house in order and welcome new income opportunities. Material concerns take priority and you might feel an increased need for security. Building a financial or emotional safety nest for yourself will be essential. Treat yourself well this month, pamper yourself as much as possible and let go of any “starving artist” archetypes still lingering in your subconscious. Examine your approach to the business side of your craft and really get acquainted with what you need to do to succeed. Collectors and gallerists can have a tendency to overspend right now, consult with trusted advisors before making the big purchases, especially around the first week of the month. Great days for well-thought-out purchases around the 17th. Brilliant ideas around the 26th.

PISCES february 21 - march 20

This is the time for Pisces artists to really shine. This month is about self-expression and being who you truly are. Self-confidence is high, take these opportunities to show your work to new audiences and make an impression. Examine where you might be holding back or not showing up because of fear of being seen. This is a great time for performances and being center stage. You could also serve as a motivator and inspiration to others, remember that your kindness and compassion are sorely needed in the world. The first week of the month is absolutely inspired, take any opportunity to put your thoughts on paper. Collectors and gallerists should follow their intuition and not adhere to strict plans, this will open up a whole host of possibilities to choose from, especially around the 27th.



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